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This is the KaitlinsWish Shop index. At KaitlinsWish, we wanted to have afforable memorial items available. Our experience showed us that many prefer to make a decent profit off their memorial products. Any bit of "profit" made here at KaitlinsWish goes back into the products we offer and the KaitlinsWish website.

  • Butterfly WishesKaitlinsWish Apparel Store
    KaitlinsWish apparel store includes: Bags, MousePads, Mugs, Infant/Toddler apparel, Adult/Teenager apparel, and special requests. KaitlinsWish does accept requests.
  • Butterfly WishesKaitlinsWish Store
    Coming Soon! Will include small ribbons that can be customized by choice of center stone. Small memorial bracelets made with Swarovski Crystals, your choice of stone colors. Kaitlinswish Postcards and memorial candels.
  • Butterfly WishesFor those who prefer just to donate, we will be including a PayPal Donate button below. Any amount is welcome and will always go back into KaitlinsWish.

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Kaitlin's Promise: At Kaitlinswish, we understand that life can sometimes be frightening and unpredictable. The time with doctors and other professionals can be one of those times. To help with this, we ask that everyone reading this make a personal Promise to help guide one at this time.

Kaitlin's Blog: At Kaitlinswish, we believe all angel babies and children should be remembered one way or another. We have added a blog to share events and other news.