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This is the pregnancy loss support index for Kaitlinswish. If you have a support link to share, please contact us here.

  • Butterfly WishesCertificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth
    Arizona is where Kaitlin was born. The hospital she was born at told us that she did not get a birth certificate, only a death certificate. As parents, that breaks the heart even more. As a mother, we give birth to that baby whether alive or dead. We had to physically labor to move baby from womb to our arms. That is birth. We all should receive a birth certificate for our babies whether breathing or not.
  • Butterfly WishesCertificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth
    This is a brief State Chart version so that you may see if your state offers only a death certificate, CoS (Certificate of Stillbirth), and/or CBRS (Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth. The CBRS is the one we should be fighting for as it is the true "birth certificate" for our sweet sleeping babies.
  • Butterfly WishesLoss Support Links
    This is a page of links to sites for support groups and/or gives support information for loved ones. It is important that we have support in times of pregnancy loss as it can take a toll on our every waking moment.
  • Butterfly WishesAngels Garden
    Angels Memorial home is the main page of our Angels Garden. This is where we invite you to view other's who have lost their angels. We also invite you to submit you precious angel to the garden. It is just a small memorial that we wanted to offer to show our support for you and your loss.

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Kaitlin's Promise: At Kaitlinswish, we understand that life can sometimes be frightening and unpredictable. The time with doctors and other professionals can be one of those times. To help with this, we ask that everyone reading this make a personal Promise to help guide one at this time.

Kaitlin's Blog: At Kaitlinswish, we believe all angel babies and children should be remembered one way or another. We have added a blog to share events and other news.