Pregnancy Loss Support

This is the pregnancy loss support index. More links will be added as they are submitted/requested or found.

  • Butterfly WishesM.I.S.S. Foundation
    'More than 120,000 children die every year in the United States. Of those, more than 80% die before their first birthday...The MISS Foundation is a nonprofit corporation committed to helping families discover hope and eventually heal from the trauma of a child's death.'*
  • Butterfly Wishes Journey Of Hearts
    '...on what to say and what not to say, and suggests things you can do to support friends who may be grieving...'*
  • Butterfly Wishes Store
    'International Vasa Previa Foundation store. Proceeds from the IVPF Store increases awareness and helps save babies from untimely death due to vasa previa.*
  • Butterfly Wishes October 15th
    'Remembering Our Babies was created to provide support, education and awareness for those who are suffering or may know someone who has suffered a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, a still birth, or the loss of an infant. We hope that we can help you by giving you and all of the other parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, and friends a special day of remembrance. This special day of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance is October 15th of every year.'*

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Kaitlin's Promise: At Kaitlinswish, we understand that life can sometimes be frightening and unpredictable. The time with doctors and other professionals can be one of those times. To help with this, we ask that everyone reading this make a personal Promise to help guide one at this time.

Kaitlin's Blog: At Kaitlinswish, we believe all angel babies and children should be remembered one way or another. We have added a blog to share events and other news.