Sunday May,30th 2010 - "2nd year anniversary"

Baby Kaitlin, you would not be such a little baby now. You would be 2 years old and a beautiful little girl. A lot has happened since your 1st birthday.

We entered your name in to the AMP Energy Contest to see if we could get your name on Dale Earnhardt's car for the AMP Energy Race. We did succeed in getting your name on his pitwall. November 2009

We have also designed a Nascar Toyota Sponsafier car in your honor and for all little angels, too. It is amazing how many people rallied to get the car into the top 10 for the first and second rounds. The third round was the judges round and they decided Kaitlinswish Car was a 3rd place car. The best thing about this contest was we got your story out there as the car was shown on television. It was amazing and I hope you are proud of the car, Kaitlin.

Well baby Kaitlin, we held your memorial party yesterday so that those who wanted to remember and honor you by coming would be able to.

I made you a fruit tree cake with a small Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet figurine to go on top. There is a tiny little stump with a pink cake sitting in front of Pooh. It seemed fitting to have it on your 2nd birthday cake.

We bought balloons this year in hopes you would like them. A few of the balloons had "Thinking of You" written on them along with different colored butterflies all over them. Your daddy found a beautiful balloon that is clear with butterflies. It looked amazing once it was blown up. It had a butterfly garden with a clear background and it read "Birthday Wishes" which seemed perfect for your second birthday.

It was not an easy day as it was your daddy's birthday too. We held it on his birthday so others could come and so that he could be there. He has to work doubles today (on your birthday) which would have made it too hard for him to be at your Unbirthday party.

Baby Kaitlin, we love you and miss you, then, now, and forever.
Love you,
your mommy and daddy

Warning: Some images may seem graphic to younger audiences.

~An angel opened the book of life and
wrote down your baby's birth.
Then she closed the book and whispered:
"too beautiful for earth".~
-author unknown-

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