Saturday May,30th 2009 - "1st year anniversary"

Well, sweet baby Kaitlin, it has been a year and one day since we were told your little heart was no longer beating. Your dad had a hard time with his birthday yesterday because of it. But without him, we would never have had you.

It has not been an easy road and in part, I still blame myself for not going in sooner. Maybe then, we would have been celebrating your birthday. Today, you would have been one. Instead of a birthday party for you, we are having a one year anniversary memorial in your memory.

There are those who say they know what your daddy and I are going through but they truly do not. Only those who have lost a child would understand what it is like to go through labor and delivery just to go home without their baby. We are thankful for the sympathy from those who have not gone through this and greatful to those who truly do understand and have been through it.

The website I promised that would be put up in your name and memory is up and running. We are also planning on planting a pink rose tree for you in the next couple weeks. For now, friends and family are gathering this afternoon to honor your memory. Even though you were born into this world sleeping, you are missed and loved by everyone of us.

Baby Kaitlin, we love you and miss you, then, now, and forever.
Love you,
your mommy and daddy

Warning: Some images may seem graphic to younger audiences.

~An angel opened the book of life and
wrote down your baby's birth.
Then she closed the book and whispered:
"too beautiful for earth".~
-author unknown-

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