Why was this site created?

This site was created to let others know to question their doctor when they know something is not right. If by creating this site, one unborn precious baby is saved, then what is wished for has been accomplished.

What do I need to view the full effects of this site?

Javascript and Flash:
You already have JavaScript enabled. If you are still having issues with the animated butterflies not showing up on the Butterfly Wishes page, please disable JavaScript, restart browser, re-enble JavaScript, and restart browser. If you are still having issues, please refer to your operating system manual. Don't know how to disable/enable JavaScript? Please click here to go to ComputerHope's webpage that has instructions.
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What graphics are copyrighted to the owners of the site?

All images except for the animated butterflies on the Butterfly Wishes page and the counter image on the first page.

May I use images shown on this site?

Only the animated butterflies (butterflies with wings moving) can be used since they are not copyrighted.The butterflies were pulled from public domain. If you know who they originally belonged to please let the admin know so that proper credit can be given.

We prefer that all other images are not used on other sites as they were created specifically for Kaitlin and this site. The rose pictures are also copyrighted by Kaitlin's father as he is the photographer who took them.

Where did you get the information provided on this site?

Proper credit was given for information provided here by including references with links back to the original sites and owners.

Can I use this information instead of going to a doctor?

The information provided is not intended to replace standard doctor-patient visits, physical examination, and medical testing. Always seek the advice of a trained physician in person before seeking any new treatment regarding your medical diagnosis or condition. This site is for informational purposes only. This site was created so that you understand that it is okay to question the doctor when you believe something really is wrong. Do not let a doctor brush off your fears. Pregnancy is supposed to be enjoyable but it is not always uneventful.

If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

Angels Remembered

News & Events

Kaitlin's Promise: At Kaitlinswish, we understand that life can sometimes be frightening and unpredictable. The time with doctors and other professionals can be one of those times. To help with this, we ask that everyone reading this make a personal Promise to help guide one at this time.

Kaitlin's Blog: At Kaitlinswish, we believe all angel babies and children should be remembered one way or another. We have added a blog to share events and other news.