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Kaitlinswish is a website dedicated to increasing awareness and communication between patients and medical staff, and empowering all to understand that medical care is individual and important, through education and narratives.

Pregnancy loss happens more often due to lack of medical care, genetic issues, natural issues, anomalies, trauma, and unknown reasons. Located on the pregnancy page are tables of statistics in the United States for pregnancy loss, miscarriage, and complications. Pregnancy loss is considered stillbirth once the unborn baby reaches twenty four weeks gestation. Pregnancy losses before twenty four weeks are considered a miscarriage. However, terminating a pregnancy without having health or pregnancy complications is considered an abortion before twenty four weeks and is not done after twenty four weeks gestation.

All are welcome to navigate through the pages to find information and stories about others who have suffered a loss, butterflies to give hope, links for more support, and a chance to make a personal promise to help you and others at all times. Please feel free to sign the guestbook or contact us with any questions or comments.

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Kaitlin's Promise: At Kaitlinswish, we understand that life can sometimes be frightening and unpredictable. The time with doctors and other professionals can be one of those times. To help with this, we ask that everyone reading this make a personal Promise to help guide one at this time.

Kaitlin's Blog: At Kaitlinswish, we believe all angel babies and children should be remembered one way or another. We have added a blog to share events and other news.